Pet Travel Tips: Ready, Set, Go!

Many of us wouldn’t dream of leaving our pets behind when we travel, especially during the holidays. Travel with pets can be fun and enjoyable if we take the time to plan ahead; but what needs to be done? Your team at Hallsville Veterinary Hospital has road-tested the following pet travel tips, taking into consideration your pet’s comfort and needs – as well as your own sanity – while traveling.


Summer Sizzle: A Pet Owner’s Guide to Hot Weather Pet Safety

pet weather safetyHot, humid days in the Gulf can be expected… just listen to the steady hum of air conditioners kicking on across the neighborhood. Our pets can also experience discomfort – and even some danger – during the scorching summer months. You may also be surprised to learn that many pets are quite prone to heat exhaustion, heatstroke, and dehydration.

Take some time to learn more about hot weather pet safety and what you can do to keep your pet cool.


Take Cover: Severe Weather Pet Safety

Hurricanes, tornados, severe thunderstorms, hail, and flooding are just a part of life here in Texas. Most of us probably have a plan in place for our families and ourselves in the event of severe weather or natural disaster, but how many of us have included our pets as part of the plan?

Preparing for severe weather pet safety before it happens is essential for the protection of your furry loved one!

Planning Ahead for Severe Weather Pet Safety

Having the supplies you need and a plan at the ready will help you to keep calm during a potential emergency. Consider the following severe weather pet safety tips:


Holly, Jolly, Folly: Don’t Forget About Holiday Pet Safety!

Celebrating Christmas with my familyIt’s reasonable to think that once you pet-proof your home, you don’t really have to worry about it anymore. Fluffy stopped chewing on your laptop cord ages ago, and Fido hasn’t been interested in your kitchen scraps lately. You’re all good, right? Maybe, but with the holidays fast approaching, you might want to amp up your household vigilance.

While this is a time for spreading joy and goodwill, the weeks between Thanksgiving and New Year’s are also overflowing with opportunities for danger, trouble, or both. That’s precisely why our team came up with the following guide to holiday pet safety.


Furry Ghosts and Tail-Wagging Goblins: All About Pet Costume Safety

Dog wearing sunglasses and Elvis wigIt’s our favorite time of year here at Hallsville Veterinary Hospital – pet costume season! For us, the crisp air and changing leaves conjure up images of adorable pets showing off their fabulous costumes during the annual Hallsville pet costume contest at the Western Days festival.

Whether you are entering your furry ball of joy in our costume contest this year or plan to take your pet out trick-or-treating (or both!), take a moment to review our pet costume safety tips ahead of time.

All Dressed Up?

Before you pay top dollar for that adorable cheerleader skirt and pom-poms for your labradoodle, or spend hours creating a Pinterest-worthy taco costume for your tabby, it’s important to keep your pet’s comfort in mind. Continue…

Cute and Cuddly: Teaching Kids About Pet Safety

Girl and her best friendPets have been part of human culture for over 25,000 years. The desire to seek out – and enjoy – animal companionship is often cultivated during childhood. As kids, we’re swept away by books and films depicting animal heroes, which only strengthens our collective love of pets.

However, while it’s well-established that children love animals, it’s less common to hear what we should be teaching kids about pet safety. That’s where your friends at Hallsville Veterinary Hospital come in!

Further Study

Perhaps kids love pets because they feel empowered to care for them or maybe children just need the unconditional love of a pet. Whatever the reasons are behind these pint-sized relationships, the fact remains that kids love animals. But not all animals love kids. Continue…