Feline Fun: Keeping Your Indoor Cat Active

Although winters in Texas can be unpredictable, we do spend more time inside during this season than any other – particularly around the holidays. Naturally, this can lead to a more, shall we say, couch potato lifestyle.

The same can be true for indoor cats, as their natural instinct to hunt and roam can become secondary to snoozing on a window perch. While it’s true that feline friends who stay inside are safer and healthier, they also need a bit more help staying at a healthy weight.

To help keep your indoor cat active, we’ve compiled some tips for exercise and enrichment.


A Heart Full of Fluff: Caring for a New Kitten

Young cat looking from the pet carrier at the vet ordinationThe only thing better than a fluffy, bright-eyed kitten is an adult cat who’s well cared for. To get between the important life stages, however, a healthy foundation must be established and maintained. Of course, it’s easy to get wrapped up in a kitten’s cuteness, but without a general working knowledge of feline development, proper wellness may be overlooked. From kitten-proofing your home to important veterinary care, we’re here to review the best in caring for a new kitten.