Reunited and It Feels so Good: All About Pet Microchipping

pet microchippingFor pet owners, the only thing worse than a pet going missing is the thought that you may never be reunited again. Many of us can’t imagine our sweet pets ever straying from their familiar home or yard, but accidents can and do happen. Even the best behaved pets run the risk of going missing, and finding them again can present a true challenge in many cases.

Besides a collar and ID tags (which pets should wear at all times), microchipping may be the best way to prevent your furry family member from becoming permanently lost.

We are passionate about pet microchipping here at Hallsville Veterinary Hospital, and are excited to educate our readers about this valuable and important aspect of responsible pet ownership.


The Best Barks and Wags: Following Dog Park Basics Pays Off

dog park basicsHave you ever miscalculated your dog’s behavior? Surely, it’s not uncommon to incorrectly anticipate reactions to certain environments, but it’s less fun to experience this in public. Before venturing out, it’s crucial to prepare your dog for various encounters; there are few places as important in this area as the dog park. Following certain key dog park basics can save the day and keep you both coming back for more fun and games.


Are Pet Allergies Real Health Threats?

pet allergiesWhile symptoms vary between the species, seasonal allergies affect people and pets. While we’re mostly bothered by runny noses or watery eyes, pet allergies pop up as skin rashes and intense scratching. Indeed, there are scores of pet owners out there who are well acquainted with the misery of an itchy pet. Before you can truly battle this formidable foe, however, it’s important to understand what causes pet allergies.

What’s That Bug?

Fleas are a big culprit behind pet allergies. In fact, flea saliva is responsible for an intensely itchy allergic response. In addition to various diseases spread by parasites like fleas, maintaining parasite prevention is a comprehensive approach to combating flea allergic dermatitis. Without year-round prevention, it’s not possible to rule out a flea allergy when allergic reactions flare up.


Summer Sizzle: A Pet Owner’s Guide to Hot Weather Pet Safety

pet weather safetyHot, humid days in the Gulf can be expected… just listen to the steady hum of air conditioners kicking on across the neighborhood. Our pets can also experience discomfort – and even some danger – during the scorching summer months. You may also be surprised to learn that many pets are quite prone to heat exhaustion, heatstroke, and dehydration.

Take some time to learn more about hot weather pet safety and what you can do to keep your pet cool.


Take Cover: Severe Weather Pet Safety

Hurricanes, tornados, severe thunderstorms, hail, and flooding are just a part of life here in Texas. Most of us probably have a plan in place for our families and ourselves in the event of severe weather or natural disaster, but how many of us have included our pets as part of the plan?

Preparing for severe weather pet safety before it happens is essential for the protection of your furry loved one!

Planning Ahead for Severe Weather Pet Safety

Having the supplies you need and a plan at the ready will help you to keep calm during a potential emergency. Consider the following severe weather pet safety tips:


Why it’s Important to Spay or Neuter Your Pet

If we told you there was an insurance policy against dangerous cancers, would you take us up on the offer? When you spay or neuter your pet, not only are you reducing animal overpopulation, but you are also offering your pet benefits that stretch far into his or her future health.

A Decades-Long Discussion

In spite of the real and obvious advantages, spaying or neutering isn’t always the go-to choice for pet owners. While research from the last few decades proves how beneficial the procedure can be, perceived risks still run rampant among pet owners.